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Behavioural Support

Puppy Stars is the home of Nick Honor: Professional Trainer & Clinical Animal Behaviourist (ABTC) who has been providing professional training and behaviour services across the U.K. since 2010.

Nick works with a broad range of canine behaviour problems, but has a
particular interest helping fearful and aggressive dogs.

Note: As a CAB, many Insurance Companies will Cover Behavioural Issues (Nick is a Full Member of APBC, TCBTS and ABTC - CAB/ATI).

At Puppy Stars, we understand that at times our dog's behaviour can appear puzzling or become troublesome and that this can be the cause of much distress and worry. It does not have to be like this, we can help.

Nick is recommended by vets and has been helping people across the U.K. since 2010 to find solutions to their dog's problem behaviours for example: aggression towards people and other dogs, fear and anxiety, rehabilitation of overseas rescue dogs, nuisance barking, destructive behaviour, chasing wildlife etc, one thing we know for sure is that it's never too late to start making things better.

Nick is an ABTC registered CAB, ABT & ATI and a full member of APBC, APDT & TCBTS (Chair of TCBTS). This means you can be assured that Nick follows a Code of Conduct and has been vigorously assessed both academically and practically.

At Puppy Stars we will use a range of humane techniques proven over many decades to be effective in changing your dogs behaviour, these are based on the science of animal learning and evidence based practice. We understand that pain and physical confrontation is inhumane, unsafe and unecessary to change your dog's behaviour for the better. 

A behaviour consult with Nick, is an investment in your dog, that will provide you a lifetime of benefits for you and your dog.

Your behaviour consult package includes:
The following video will give you an idea of what to expect from a behaviour consult
"I would highly recommend Puppy Stars. I can't recommend Nick highly enough. Our two year old flatcoat, Winnie, had changed form a fun-loving, happy dog full of energy, to being terrified to go outside. Within days of an in depth zoom session , she was already improving. The follow up session in person was invaluable, building on the strategies and advice, tailoring them to Winnie and me and giving us both the reassurance and confidence to proceed. In less than three weeks Winnie was entirely back to her old self and we now have even more fun together than we did before. Completely wonderful and, if you'd seen the shivering wreck she was before, almost miraculous!". Henrietta and Winnie

Find out more about our expert trainer and Clinical Animal Behaviourist, Nick Honor HERE