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Behaviour Consult Package with Nick - Clinical Animal Behaviourist


Behaviour Consult Package with Nick - Clinical Animal Behaviourist

  "We’ve been working really hard with Arnie and I wanted to update you on how well he is doing. We are now walking to the park - alongside a very busy and noisy road. Not so long...
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 34 reviews - Read / Leave a review
 34 reviews - Read / Leave a review

Price: From: £475.00


"We’ve been working really hard with Arnie and I wanted to update you on how well he is doing. We are now walking to the park - alongside a very busy and noisy road. Not so long ago this would have almost been an impossible walk to us - Arnie would have been barking at the cars and pulling towards them on his lead. Thanks for your tips and advice, it’s certainly paying off!"
Jade and Arnie

At times we can find our dog's behaviour puzzling or troublesome, this can have a huge impact on our lives, the lives of the family and even society as a whole.  A behavioural consultation will help you to understand your dog's behaviour and provide you with the information and practical skills and exercises to chnage behaviour. (See below for a list of common behaviour problems)

As an accredited behaviourist, the techniques Nick will use to change your dog's behaviour are based on a scientific understanding of animal behaviour while utilising positive reinforcement based training methods. Changing a dog's behaviour will take time, but we will work together to find the most practical way to fit this into your life and achieve the best possible outcome for you and your dog.

Depending on the issue, a Veterinary referral and or health check may be required prior to starting work together. This is to ensure that medical factors that could be affecting the problem are known and can be treated appropriately. It may be the case that the problem does not have a behavioural component and is entirely caused by medical reasons and therefore can be treated by your vet. We will happily liaise directly with your Vet to ensure they are kept informed and, where necessary, are part of the behaviour treatment and change process.
Most Insurance Companies Cover Behaviour Consults.
Your behaviour consult package includes:
  • The initial consult with Nick will be approximately 2.5 hours in duration at your home, this time will be used to answer your questions, gather additional information if required and provide practical skills and exercises to help you and your dog.
  • 1-Hour Follow-Up In-Person visit with Nick at your Home, or on a Walk (depending on the issue) (approx 4 - 6 weeks after the initial consult)
  • No additional travel costs if you are within 25 miles of Winslow, Buckinghamshire - Please contact Wendy our Client Manager for a quote at [email protected] if you are further afield.
  • For a list of Nick's qualifications, certifications and courses attended, click HERE
  • A copy of your dog's behaviour change plan for you to follow after the consult.
  • Any additional background research, before and after the initial meeting.
  • Where required, a written overview of the behaviour change plan will be sent directly to your vet.
  • Liaison with your vet where required.
  • Any additional handouts, supplied during or after the consultation and advice for any equipment required.
  • Up to 3 months of distance support via phone/email/WhatsApp.
Upgrade to our Gold package and get an additional in-person follow-up and one additional month of support - £600.00
Upgrade to our Platinum Package and get two additional in-person follow-ups and two additional months of support - £725.00

Nick works with a small number of clients at a time to ensure we can provide you with an excellent service. He is proud to be recognised for achieving positive outcomes for both pet and owner.

Too far away or no professional trainers nearby? Many behaviour problems can be worked on remotely using modern technology and so we are able to work with clients and accept referrals from veterinary practices nationwide. 

Common behaviour problems include:

House soiling and indoor urine marking
Aggression towards dogs and/or people
Rehabilitation of rescue dogs
Handling problems when being groomed or during veterinary examination
General anxiety
Barking at home, on walks or in the car
Food or object guarding
Chasing problems
Separation-related behaviours (for true Separation Anxiety, we recommend a Separation Anxiety Specialist)
Noise phobias and sound sensitivity

Our consults are held on weekdays during the day (including a 1-Hour In-Person follow-up session approx 4 - 6 weeks after the initial consult).

For travel distances in excess of 25 miles from Winslow, Buckinghamshire, please do get in contact with the office for a quotation - [email protected]). 

Upgrade to our Gold package and get an additional in-person follow-up and one additonal month of support - £600.00
Upgrade to our Platinum Package and get two addional in-person follow-ups and two additional months of support - £725.00

Online Behaviour Consultation Package (via Zoom) - £400.00 to include 1-Hour Zoom Follow-Up. 

If you are ready to proceed, you can click the button below:- 

Or contact Wendy our Client Manager, at the Office at [email protected] or Tel: 01296 323000 Mobile: 07542 131400.


Nick is a doggie genius. His expertise has been built up over a lifetime and he really can deal with any issue!!
Hi Nick, I can't believe I clearly never wrote to thank you for the difference you made for us with Milo and the last amazing 4 years of his life. I'm SO sorry - I've spoken about it to anyone that would listen! Everything changed for us as a family after your visit - also helped by the pandemic and me coming to work full time from home so we became a bit inseparable he and I, and I was able to put into practice the suggestions you made. Thanks again.
Hi Nick, Izzy is still making great progress and as I have said before we know we could not have achieved that without your input which has been invaluable. We now regularly meet dogs out on walks which Izzy would have previously barked and lunged at and the same with birds and recently squirrels!
Hi Nick, Anna and I were both amazed at the progress we made just when you were here on Friday but since then we have been practicing most of the exercises and Izzys behaviour towards other dogs seems to have changed drastically (for the better!). It’s all very exciting for us and I know we could not have made this progress without you.
Chris and Izzy
I contacted Puppy Stars to help my dog with his anxiety and fears. One of his fears was that he was afraid to leave the safety of our driveway unless we were leaving in the car.
Nick was so knowledgeable and gave such good advice and tips. He created a detailed treatment plan for us to follow and gave us lots of information to help along the way. He was also available to answer questions anytime. 3 weeks after Nick's initial visit, our dog is now walking from the house, next to the road to our local walks.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nick at Puppy Stars.
Extremely happy with the results ..Thank you Nick
Dear Wendy
Thank you so much for such a kind and informative reply.
I must say I have been extremely impressed by the professionalism and thoroughness of Puppy Stars through your contact with me, the website efficiency and the detail asked for in the questionnaire. There are a lot of amateurs out there, but you guys are clearly very good at what you do and I’m glad I was sent your way!

Nick is sooooo good!
Thank you Nick - Odin’s been amazing, no humping, AT ALL! Can't believe how straight forward that has been.
He's generally a lot calmer these days and less attention seeking with the whining too.
Keeping his excitement levels consistent too so you can see he's a lot happier and comfortable rather than always looking so tense in the body.
Hailey and Odin
I'm really happy with his progress. Of course, we are still using distractions and rewards out for walkies.
A few days ago a dog, off-lead, ran towards him and even though he was not happy that the dog was sniffing his tail, he didn't react at all.
Hopefully this will not happen very often, but it's a good thing that we managed to handle it without going into panic.
Other than that, he is amazing thanks to you and again, I'm really glad I found you.
Elena and Bandit
Hi Nick, things are so much better with the dogs now and I'm so grateful for your help as we had been starting to think we would have to part with Cariad to keep Monty safe but that is now totally unnecessary thanks to your brilliant advice.
We really cannot thank you enough Nick. Goodness knows where we would have been if we hadn't had your help. Thank you so much xxx
We came to Nick as we have two very excitable Border Collies, Amber and Shadow. He came up with a plan to help resolve the issues that we were facing. Although as Nick himself said, it is going to be a long process, we are already seeing results beyond our expectations. Thank you, Nick, for your time and very helpful suggestions.

We recently went birdwatching with two much calmer collies. I wouldn’t have imagined doing this with Shadow a while back😊
Julie, Amber and Shadow
We have used Puppy Stars for the training of x2 Cocker Spaniel puppies, as well as a 1-to-1 consultation.
Nick is a knowledgeable dog trainer, who is friendly and approachable. We have learned a lot of practical training methods, that we have implemented in our day-to-day training of our Spaniel and have had great results.
We found our 1-to-1 consultation with Nick, for our Spaniel's guarding behaviour, very valuable and came away with lots of practical techniques to try out.
We would highly recommend using Puppy Stars.
Thanks so much to Nick and his team.
A sight I never thought I'd see again (having all 3 dogs together on a walk). Nick, thank you. We couldn't have done it without you Nick. You gave us the tools, the confidence and the belief we could get there! Really can't thank you enough!
Petra and Ralph
I've worked with Nick twice now (four times in total including puppy classes!) for my two German Shepherds and both times he has been amazing! Not only does he make you feel completely relaxed yourself, but he really tries to get to know and understand you and your dogs and explains everything clearly. The most recent time working with Nick, he provided me with so much reassurance that what I was currently doing was right and working and he really helped to put my mind at ease. Nick is very knowledgeable, easy going, calming and fantastic with the dogs. If I ever have issues with my dogs again I wouldn't hesitate to re-use Nick's services and I wouldn't go anywhere else. Thank you so much from a very happy owner and two very content dogs.
We have contacted Nick because we needed help with our dachshund girl Lulu 4 years old.She was very reactive to people and other dogs.Excessive barking and even nipping strangers.Nick was amazing from the second he arrived. So professional and so kind to Lulu.He showed us how to make her life easier and how to make her relax more whether in the house or outside on the walks.I absolutely love Nick's approach to dogs! Never met or seen trainer/ behaviourist with the kindest way to recognise the individuality of each dog.It has been a month and we work hard on all the tips and tricks Nick gave us .Lulu is much more relaxed and happy!! And so are we. Thanks to Nick.I have the ability to chat with Nick whenever i need his advice and also plans he makes for us are a huge help.I can not recommend Nick Honor enough.Absolutely the top service!
Tatiana and Lulu
Winnie (Update) I can't recommend Nick highly enough. Our two year old flatcoat, Winnie, had changed form a fun-loving, happy dog full of energy, to being terrified to go outside. Within days of an in depth zoom session , she was already improving. The follow up session in person was invaluable, building on the strategies and advice, tailoring them to Winnie and me and giving us both the reassurance and confidence to proceed. In less than three weeks Winnie was entirely back to her old self and we now have even more fun together than we did before. Completely wonderful and, if you'd seen the shivering wreck she was before, almost miraculous!
Henrietta and Winnie
I first got to know Nick through puppy training and have more recently engaged him to help with fear/anxiety problems with our flatcoated retriever. I would highly recommend Nick in both capacities. He is very experienced and offers his guidance in a reassuring and enabling manner, applying his extensive general knowledge to the specific case with real perception, patience and observation. Full of really helpful tips and advice which then form a coherent plan, he instils confidence both in me and the dog. Communication, both in person and subsequently is excellent, replying to emails and follow up queries almost by return and always with real care. The whole Puppy Stars outfit is very professionally run but in a very personal way.
I cannot thank Nick Honor enough, we were in despair over our dog. Nick was recommended to me from a client of his who could not praise him enough, I took this advice and reached out to him for help. I can only say he is a true professional, his knowledge on everything dogs is beyond 100%, he went over and above to help us through our crisis in a manner that not only was a life changer, but in a way that gave us real confidence in ourselves. The help and advice he gave us was not just his general knowledge, it was advice tailor made for our dog issues. I would advise anyone I could if they ever needed expert help with any dog issues big or small to contact him without any hesitation. Carol
Thank you for the useful insights and tips which I have already started putting into practice.
Shnia and Roly
We’ve been working really hard with Arnie and I wanted to update you on how well he is doing. We are now walking to the park - alongside a very busy and noisy road. Not so long ago this would have almost been an impossible walk to us - Arnie would have been barking at the cars and pulling towards them on his lead. Thanks for your tips and advice, it’s certainly paying off!
Jade and Arnie
Hi Nick, I am so pleased I agreed to do “zoom” it was absolutely marvellous, especially with the added bonus of a video you can keep watching over and over again. Thank you so much for helping with Feather I will try my best to put your training suggestions to good use.
Maggie and Feather
I had a 1 -1 one hour advice session over Zoom, regarding my concerns of reactiveness with my Puppy. Nick was very reassuring, had such a comprehensive knowledge of what would maybe work along with what I'd been doing or would maybe work better using something another way. Through Zoom he was able to see my dog in his own environment. Nick also gave advice on things we could do as an ongoing addition to the training we are already doing but not to blind the dog with so much traing commands at once and a few10 minute sessions through the day so not to confuse our pup, even if he was willing to learn, time and patience was the essence. So far so good when he's being walked, he walks to heel, when he sees one of his dog friends his 50 foot lead is extended with recall improving every time. We also hold him back to heel for a few minutes and chat to owner so giving our pup a chance to observe this person that's talking and laughing, and five days later pup has gone up to the owner and had a sniff around AND taken a treat from him. Then run off behind his dad again. But its progress in the right direction. Thanks again Nick for your time and the valued information you gave us, so we can work on our pup to turn his reactive behaviour around and show him that these funny talking beings with two legs are actually good people and he can trust in them too. If we were to need to, we would contact Nick for his services in the first instance because he is so good at what he does.
"Not only do I recommend K9 stars to my clients on an almost daily basis, I also have Nick on speed dial when I'm having problems with my own dogs."​"Nick uses science based training methods which are effective, kind
Sophie White BVetMed MRCVS
"I have been very happy with the service from Nick and K9 Stars for the patients that I have referred to him either for 1 on 1 sessions or skype/telephone advice and have received very positive reviews from clients, I am very happy to refer to Nick, thank you for always answering my questions"
Wendy Stickells - Vet
"I can’t recommend Nick and his services enough, he is very thorough, generous with his time and most importantly, he knows dogs inside out! His advice and expertise helped my family through a challenging time with their dog and his behaviour problems, nothing was too much trouble, he genuinely cares. If anyone is looking for help and advice that actually works for their dog, look no further".
Emma Schofield BVSc MRCVS
Had an online session with Nick due to the Covid 19 situation. Very easy to set up the video call and worked really well. Nick offered excellent advice to our particular problem, all achievable with some work on our part. Don't hesitate to take advantage of the online consultation especially during these strange times, they work ! Thanks Nick !
I work at a Veterinary Surgery and we often recommend Nick to our clients who have dogs with behavioural issues. So when I was fostering a highly fearful Romanian street dog, who was too scared to leave the house and who hated visitors and my husband (!), I contacted Nick for help. Over the phone Nick was able to offer me immediate solutions to help with her fear and aggression towards my husband. Later on we had a 1-1 session at my house, where after assessment and a long discussion he provided me with a plan of how to move forward in preparation for her to move on to her forever home.I am pleased to say the transition went well and her new owners have implemented many of Nicks suggestions, meaning she now lives in a house with two dogs and two cats, is able to go for walks and will accept strokes and treats from strangers!I can't thank Nick enough for helping a fearful aggressive rescue dog, whose life I believe was at risk, to go on to be living a happy and relatively normal life.
We have been and continue to be so grateful for Nick’s advice on how to cope with Benji’s reactive behaviour. He has helped us enormously with ways to deal with difficulties when out walking, and is still doing so: he has supported us through the difficult days and has helped us to appreciate the days when things are going well. We would not have managed without his help.
“Please pass on our thanks to Nick; he was most helpful and professional and certainly provided us with some very useful advice and an explanation. It was so reassuring. Kind regards Donna”.
Donna and Murphy
My little dog Taffy and I are very grateful to Nick for the training help he gave us this summer. He understood our problems immediately and gave me strategies to tackle her areas of difficult behaviour. Taffy's obedience is much improved and we can enjoy life with our family, which includes small children, much more.
Julia and Taffy
I can’t recommend Nick and his services enough, he is very thorough, generous with his time and most importantly, he knows dogs inside out! His advice and expertise helped my family through a challenging time with their dog and his behaviour problems, nothing was too much trouble, he genuinely cares. If anyone is looking for help and advice that actually works for their dog, look no further.
Emma Schofield BVSc MRCVS
"Over the years we have tried various training methods for our other rescue dogs, but Nick is by far the kindest and most effective trainer we have ever met." Thank you so much, Nick, your help and support have been invaluable." 
"Nick helped us from moment one with our incredibly nervous rescue dog, Jojo. He was compassionate, gentle and understanding, and lifted a challenging time with his humour and tireless empathy, both for Jojo, and us!He teaches in a practical, affirming way, and we have seen firsthand the positive impact that it has on dogs and humans. 

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