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Professional Qualifications, CPD & Associations:

The Academy for Dog Trainers, Certificate in Training and Behaviour Counselling (CTC) Graduated with Honors 
Certified Fear Free Professional 
Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) - Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour - Level 3
Edinburgh University – Certificate - Animal Behaviour & Welfare
Edinburgh University - Certificate - The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Diploma in Canine Psychology
Advanced Diploma in Canine Behaviour & Management enrolled December 2016 - On-going

Victoria Stilwell Pet Dog Trainer (VSPDT-CDT)
Member Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)
Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
Full Dog Training Member - The Canine Behaviour and Training Society (TCBTS) 
Member Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)
Member Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

Professional Development - Seminars & Courses Attended:

Puppy Conference 
Leslie McDevitt - Control Unleashed 
TCBTS - Dogs Have feelings too - How Canine Emotions Affect Training and Behaviour 
Clicker Luminos 

Chirag Patel - Understanding, Managing & Modifying Aggressive Behaviours in Dogs 
IMDT - No Problem - Steve White 
IMDTB - Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias 
IMDTB - Impulse Control 
David Ryan - 'How to Change Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs' 
TCBTS - The Dog Nose Best Conference 
Trevor Cooper - Dog Law 

2010 - 2016
Melena DeMartini - Fixing the unfixable, a new look a Separation Anxiety (2016)
Kamal Fernandez - Effective Use of Toys as Rewards (2016)
Animal Events UK - Dr Muriel Brasseur  - Canine Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours.(2016)
K9 Services - Platform Training (2016)
Dr Susan Friedman - Functional Assessment and Analysis, the What, When and Why of Behaviour Problems (2016)

Professor Nicholas Dodman - The Well Adjusted Dog
Sue Sternberg - Dog – Dog interactions
Kathy Sdao - Get SMART about Training
Dr Susan Friedman - Living and Learning with Animals
Brenda Aloff  - Working with Reactive Dogs & Canine Body Language
Brenda Aloff  - Instructors Workshop
Brenda Aloff - Get Connected
Brenda Aloff - Handling Reactive Dogs
IMDT - Practical Instructor 
IMDT - Canine Nutrition
IMDT  - Aggression and Rehabilitation
IMDT - Perfect Puppy Foundations
IMDT - Introduction to T-Touch with Sarah Fisher
Ken Ramirez  - Training from Core to Complex
Happy Dogs - Injecting fun into classes.
Vet Pro - Canine Communication and Preventing Common Canine Behaviour problems.
Roger Abrantes - The brave new world of dog training with a brain and a heart
Dr Ian Dunbar - Science based dog training (with feeling)
Dr Ian Dunbar - Sirius Dog Training Academy
Dr Ian Dunbar - Simple Solutions for Common Behaviour and Training Problems. 
Dr Ian Dunbar - Crucial and Cutting Edge Concepts in Dog Training
ITG - Pet First Aid Instructor Course