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Professional Qualifications, CPD & Associations:

The Academy for Dog Trainers, Certificate in Training and Behaviour Counselling (CTC) Graduated with Honors (Continuous CPD Webinars on all aspects of training and Behaviour)
Advanced Diploma Applied Animal Behaviour (Canine) AdipAAB
Certified Fear Free Professional 
UKCSD Scent Detection Instructor
Agility Instructor
Hoopers Instructor - CHW
Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT) - Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour - Level 3
Edinburgh University – Certificate - Animal Behaviour & Welfare
Edinburgh University - Certificate - The Truth About Cats and Dogs
Diploma in Canine Psychology
Advanced Pet First Aid Instructor Level 3 - Canine First Aid Instructor Level 2- Dog Care Instructor - Outdoor Dog First Aid Instructor - Pet First Aid Instructor Level 2 - Pet First Aid for Children Instructor - Pet First Aid for Pet Professionals Instructor Level 3 - Security Dog First Aid Instructor Level 2 - Cat Care Instructor
NEBOSH General Certificate in Health and Safety
First Aid at Work - First Aider
NVQ Assessor and Internal Verifier

IAABC Certified Dog Behaviourist (CDBC) 
Victoria Stilwell Pet Dog Trainer (VSPDT-CDT)
Member Animal Behaviour & Training Council (ABTC)
Member Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
Full Member Behaviourist - The Canine Behaviour and Training Society (TCBTS) 
Member Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)
Member Pet Professional Guild (PPG)

Professional Development - Seminars & Courses Attended:

8 weeks Course - Living and Learning with Animals - The Science and Technology of Behaviour Change -Professor Susan Friedman 
Master Course - Aggression in Dogs with Michael Shikashio
Fear Free - Animal Trainer Proactive and Preventive Training
Fear Free - Infectious Conditions: What Trainers Need to Know
Fear Fee - Understanding medical conditions and pain
Fear Free - Proactive and Preventative Training
Fear Free - Nail Trim: Behavioural considerations to Trim away the Terror
Trevor Cooper - Dog Law 
Covid safe and Awareness – Pro Training
Scent for 6 – 6 months scent work training – School of Canine Science 

Clicker Luminos - Canine Aggression 
Fear Free - Understanding Medical Conditions and Pain
TCBTS Conference: Canine Aggression and Predation Perspectives and Practical Solutions
Emma Parsons - Click to Calm
Hoopers Instructor
Agility Instructor
UKCSD Scent Detection Instructor 
Kay Laurence - Practical Instructor Skills 
30 Days Canine Science - School of Canine Science

Puppy Conference 
Leslie McDevitt - Control Unleashed 
TCBTS - Dogs Have feelings too - How Canine Emotions Affect Training and Behaviour 
Clicker Luminos 

Chirag Patel - Understanding, Managing & Modifying Aggressive Behaviours in Dogs 
IMDT - No Problem - Steve White 
IMDTB - Working with Noise Sensitivity and Phobias 
IMDTB - Impulse Control 
David Ryan - 'How to Change Predatory Chase Behaviour in Dogs' 
TCBTS - The Dog Nose Best Conference 
Trevor Cooper - Dog Law 

2010 - 2016
Melena DeMartini - Fixing the unfixable, a new look a Separation Anxiety (2016)
Kamal Fernandez - Effective Use of Toys as Rewards (2016)
Animal Events UK - Dr Muriel Brasseur  - Canine Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours.(2016)
K9 Services - Platform Training (2016)
Dr Susan Friedman - Functional Assessment and Analysis, the What, When and Why of Behaviour Problems (2016)

Professor Nicholas Dodman - The Well Adjusted Dog
Sue Sternberg - Dog – Dog interactions
Kathy Sdao - Get SMART about Training
Dr Susan Friedman - Living and Learning with Animals
Brenda Aloff  - Working with Reactive Dogs & Canine Body Language
Brenda Aloff  - Instructors Workshop
Brenda Aloff - Get Connected
Brenda Aloff - Handling Reactive Dogs
IMDT - Practical Instructor 
IMDT - Canine Nutrition
IMDT  - Aggression and Rehabilitation
IMDT - Perfect Puppy Foundations
IMDT - Introduction to T-Touch with Sarah Fisher
Ken Ramirez  - Training from Core to Complex
Happy Dogs - Injecting fun into classes.
Vet Pro - Canine Communication and Preventing Common Canine Behaviour problems.
Roger Abrantes - The brave new world of dog training with a brain and a heart
Dr Ian Dunbar - Science based dog training (with feeling)
Dr Ian Dunbar - Sirius Dog Training Academy
Dr Ian Dunbar - Simple Solutions for Common Behaviour and Training Problems. 
Dr Ian Dunbar - Crucial and Cutting Edge Concepts in Dog Training
ITG - Pet First Aid Instructor Course