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Puppy Foundation Skills - Bicester Fringford - with Nick

Location: Fringford Village Hall, Fringford, Oxon

Fringford Village Hall, Fringford, Oxon

Puppy Foundation Skills - Bicester Fringford - with Nick

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Puppy Foundation (6-Week Course for Young Puppies Up to 18-weeks of Age at Week 1 of the Course) - We take puppies from 1 week after their first vaccination and we disinfect the floor, so...
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 26 reviews - Read / Leave a review
 26 reviews - Read / Leave a review

Price: £165.00 per dog

Sorry, no classes are currently available.

Please contact us if you would like to be notified about forthcoming classes.

Puppy Foundation (6-Week Course for Young Puppies Up to 18-weeks of Age at Week 1 of the Course) - We take puppies from 1 week after their first vaccination and we disinfect the floor, so you don't need to wait until your puppy is fully vaccinated before starting our classes. We also recommend that you carry your puppy from the car to the venue and vice versa after classes until your puppy is fully vaccinated.
Our Puppy foundation class is our entry level class for puppies aged 8 - 18 weeks old at start of class (i.e. if your puppy will be 18 weeks of age or younger at week 1 of the course, this is the right course for your puppy). If your puppy will be over 18 weeks old at week 1 of the course, you will need to book our Puppy Intermediate course.
All classes, unless otherwise stated, run for 6 x 1-Hour sessions with a 1-week break after week 3. 

We can allow a maximum of 4 owners per puppy and you can alternate owners each week.

The socialisation period is critcially important for the behavioural health of our dogs and this class is designed to capitilise on what remains of this key develpomental period and provide the foundations of the core training skills. If your dog meets the age criteria for this class, then we highly recommend this as the best class to start your puppy's journey.

All our puppy classes centre around positive training for puppies and young dogs.
In our Puppy Foundation class your puppy will make new friends and develop self-confidence as puppy builds lifelong social skills. Watch your puppy demonstrate new behaviours and flourish in a stimulating environment while having a whole lot of fun!

Nick will show you how to train your puppy using positive training techniques that make learning fast, fun, and motivating… for all of you! 

Our Puppy Foundation class includes:-

✅ Learn how to succeed through those early weeks and months living with energetic puppies - the sharp puppy teeth, the chewing, teething and toilet training etc.
✅ Learn about body handling, teeth cleaning and coat brushing etc.
✅ Learn with your puppy and teach them basic obedience (sit, down, stay, leave, wait etc) and to walk nicely on a lead, recall when you need them, leave things you don’t want them to have etc.
✅ Learn how to prevent and stop undesirable behaviour.
✅ Learn and practice how to safely meet and interact with other dogs, socialise your puppy in a group class environment and learn what to do if it does not go to plan.
✅ Give your puppy the best possible start in their journey to becoming a wonderful family companion and a well-rounded, happy dog.
All the above is carried out in a kind, caring, compassionate and positive reward-based way.

Recommended by Vets and fully insured and supported by glowing testimonials. 

In addition to the Foundation class, Nick offers a range of support options including a 1-to-1 home puppy visit if you don't have time for the whole class or if you prefer 1-1 training.

We also offer a Puppy SOS telephone service for when you just need advice from experts.

If we do not have a Puppy class in your area, please check out our other services.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Wendy, our Client Manager at [email protected] or call her at the office (Monday - Friday) on 01296 323000.

*Please note: By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, you agree that should further Covid restrictions be implemented locally or nationally or any other unforeseen cirumstance that prevents us from holding in-person classes, for example; your instructor is isolating or it is deemed to be unsafe for any other reason, for example: extreme temperatures, lightning and other extreme weather events, we will provide the class live and online using Zoom.

Early socialisation is incredibly important for puppies to stand the best chance of developing into a well-rounded dog and because this window of opportunity is very small, Puppy Stars are happy to take puppies 1 week after their first injection.

This may be contrary to what you have been told by your Vet. "However, Veterinarians specialising in behaviour recommend that owners take advantage of every safe opportunity to expose young puppies to the great variety of stimuli that they will experience in their lives. Enrolling in puppy classes prior to three months of age can be an excellent means of improving training, strengthening the human-animal bond, and socialising puppies in an environment where risk of illness can be minimised." AVSAB.

At Puppy Stars we will take all reasonable precautions and disinfect the training area with a Veterinary disinfectant before the class starts each week, until every puppy is fully vaccinated. We have been doing this for 10 years at Fringford Village Hall and have never had an issue.

To minimise any potential risk even further, we would encourage you to carry your puppy from your car to the training venue until your puppy is fully vaccinated.

However the final decision must be yours.

Please do not bring a puppy to class that is unwell.

  • Please do not feed your dog before class.
  • Please, no slip leads or choke chains to be used in class.
  • Please keep all dogs on a lead unless an instructor tells you otherwise.
  • Please do not bring your bitch to class if she is in season (you are welcome to attend and watch).
  • Please do not bring any dog to class if it is ill. If you are unsure if you should attend class please telephone to discuss.


To Nick
Thank you so much for providing such excellent coaching over the last few months. Harley has come along leaps and bounds thanks to your expert advice.
It’s also been great fun!
We hope to see you again. Best wishes, Jess, Chris & Harley 🐾
Jess, Chris & Harley
Thank you for great training and friendly/relaxed atmosphere. Thoroughly enjoyed it! 🐶
Umbra and I have really enjoyed the puppy foundation classes and have learnt so much!
Thank you
Highly recommend Nick Honor: Clinical Animal Behaviourist & Accredited Dog Trainer, amazing puppy classes, which have helped to create a happy and well-behaved Bilbo Baggins.😊
Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much for your email, that’s super helpful. I did a Google search at the weekend and you were one of the top names that came up. After checking a few people out I really liked the structure of the classes that you/Nick offer.
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the classes with Puppy Stars and fully recommend them to anyone with a hound!! Thanks Nick, we’ll see you again for some 1:1 training to iron out all our bad habits! 😁
I can highly recommend Nick Honor and Puppy Stars puppy training classes. I took my cockapoo as a puppy and many people comment how well behaved most of the time she is when out. I found the classes fun, interesting and very helpful 😊
Pippin had a wonderful time and you've helped so much in training us. Really looking forward to her next classes :-)
It had been 20 years since we last took on a puppy and our lives and lifestyle were certainly different back then. I had many anxieties about our new puppy to say the least but as soon as I picked up the phone and spoke with Wendy I felt safe and in good hands. This feeling has continued as we near the end of our 6 week training with Nick. Nick is calm, kind, reassuring and has patience in abundance with both our puppy and us. He has individually taken the time to chat with us when the puppy wobbles threatened to take over and filled us with reassurance that we’re doing okay and he’s there whenever we need him. Tenby is becoming a well rounded and fun puppy and whilst there are still challenges all Nick’s training and support helps us through those tricky times. Through what we have learnt from Nick - Tenby is great with dogs and their humans too. He socialises well at doggy day care and on doggy play dates. Puppy Stars ⭐️ is an excellent foundation for our puppy and I highly recommend Nick and Wendy.
Thank you for all your help with Nala 🐕‍🦺😁
Jenny and Nala
Many thanks Nick, Bilbo and I thoroughly enjoyed our training with you.
Donna and Bilbo
That was fab - thank you so much Nick (and to Wendy who was a huge help getting me booked on to the course and answered all my questions very patiently)!
We haven't had a puppy for over 10 years and things have changed (for the better) a lot since the last puppy course we did. I know I had a lot of questions, but like everyone else I guess I wanted to make sure that we were getting it right from the start. At no point did I feel uncomfortable or silly asking and I genuinely felt supported throughout the whole course, and we've had lots of fun and learnt lots along the way. Oh and Bailey loved it too! :-)
Jo and Bailey
Great fun, relaxed classes, but very informative too. Nick is so knowledgeable and he works at your/your puppy's level and puts you at ease, which is great, especially as a first-time puppy owner. Thank you Nick.
Thank you so much! We really enjoyed the classes, as did Maisey!
Highly recommend Nick’s Puppy Foundation class. Everything explained very clearly and covers all the basic training including handling skills needed for a young puppy, all through positive reinforcement. Also fun for puppy and owner.
So, at lunchtime I strutted my paws at the Thame show and I came first in the cutest puppy class 🐾🐾
I was also told I was the best-behaved puppy (being one of the youngest in the class at 17 weeks old I might add, I showed them all up)! They were extremely impressed at my training and just focusing on my Mum and my neat treat trick of the treat waiting at my nose before being allowed to take it..

Looks like my Puppy foundation course was a success 🐾🐾 Big woofs to Nick, Love Teddy x
King Ted and I had such a brilliant time, and it's given him the confidence to actually participate and be more confident around others - thank you!
Barbara and King Ted
A big thank you.
We have done two sets of classes (foundation and Intermediate) with Nick and thoroughly enjoyed them. They are very informative and good fun. Nick is always happy to advise, and discuss anything about our beloved pooch. Miss Molly loved the classes, and was always excited to see Nick, probably a little too excited! Would highly recommend coming to class, as all we all want is a happy, healthy dog, that’s fun to be with. I'm sure we will see you soon. Many thanks from Miss Molly and her owners 🐾
Teresa and Miss Molly
We just wanted to say thank you for the informative and fun puppy foundation class you provided for us and Poppy. It was the highlight of our week and we learnt so much in terms of a dog's behaviour and what we should and shouldn't expect. It was also great meeting other fellow puppies and owners in a safe and controlled environment, and reassuring for us to see and hear they were all behaving similarly whilst going through their puppy days.
Hosan, Graham and Poppy
Thank you so much for all your help and advice, your course was excellent and just what we needed with Mabel. We will continue to put your training advice into practice with Mabel over the coming months.
Jonathan, Lara and Mabel
Thanks Nick for the amazing sessions. Was great fun and lovely to see Yogi's and every pups progress. Looking forward to the next round of lessons - Yogi really responds to you and loves you!
Jo and Yogi
The Puppy Foundation classes are brilliant! As a first time puppy owner I have learnt so so much from Nick. Nick explains things really well and always gives the dogs perspective so you learn why they behave the way they do. Also each class is followed up with an info pack and videos so you can check if you forget anything when you get home. The classes are relaxed and great fun. My energetic puppy loves them and I highly recommend.
Kate and Sunny
I have to say both after our first class and having received your email, I've felt so reassured that what we’re seeing here is perfectly normal and patience/time is the key. You’re an absolute life saver and I'm so glad we’ve signed up for classes with you. You’ve been an absolute life saver for me! Looking forward to Tuesday!
Matt and Reggie
Buster is great. He has turned into the most laid back, friendly and funny dog ever. Thanks to Nick for putting us on the right road.
Liz and Buster
Nick gave me and Willow such amazing advice when we did the Foundation and Intermediate class. I still do training every day with Willow on walks and it's made her a total joy to have around. Thank you!
Andrew and Willow
I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course and Nick's calm nature, even with my very over excited, over enthusiastic puppy!!

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