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121 Private Training


121 Private Training

1-1 PRIVATE CONSULTATIONS  Sometimes you may not have time to attend classes or may want to focus on a specific exercise or even a training problem, in which case this may be the...
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 7 reviews - Read / Leave a review
 7 reviews - Read / Leave a review

Price: £75.00


Sometimes you may not have time to attend classes or may want to focus on a specific exercise or even a training problem, in which case this may be the best option for you. 

The training techniques we use are based on a scientific understanding of animal behaviour, utilising a non-violent approach to training. Depending on your dog's needs, it may be that you require a one off session or a course of sessions, which can be booked at a discounted rate, follow-up sessions are flexible depending on the progress of your dog. 

What you receive with each training session• 
  • One-to-one coaching.
  • We will coach you while you train your dog.
  • Email, phone and video chat support in between sessions
  • Personalised training plans and practice exercises following each session.
  • Follow-up after you have completed your training package.

We are proud to be recognised for achieving positive outcomes for both pet and owner.

1-1 Obedience and Manners Training in your home -  £75.00 per hour (plus travel costs)

Sometimes all you need is some good reliable advice and this service may be ideal for you.
Telephone or Zoom with one of our Trainers - up to 30 minutes of advice for £45.00 or 1-hour for £60.00


We booked a 1to1 session for our lively 6 month old Vizsla pup, Bosun, as Nick’s credentials looked impeccable. Within minutes of him working with Bosun you could see a huge difference in his attention and response to training. It was lovely to see him so engaged. Nick gave clear guidance then let me take over. Bosun continued with me where Nick left off, again, so nice to see and be part of. Since the session, Bosun has continued to respond well, whilst also being given time to “be a dog” as Nick calls it…..exploring, sniffing, playing etc. We can’t wait to book our next 1to1 with Nick. Money and time well spent!
Simon and Bosun
We have been just delighted with Lexi and since your visit we have seen different behaviour whilst walking with her, just amazing. We took your advice on using the right harness, the 3M lead (transformational) and the use of treats. All in all we now not only have a beautiful dog but one which now walks with anyone in a calm and controlled manner, NO PULLING!! All three of us now enjoy our walks so much more. Thanks Nick.
Bill, Liz and Lexi
Thank you so much for today. I think Lexi loved the experience and both Liz and I found it invaluable. We know we have a lovely dog and to see her with you just cemented that. You have given us both excellent tips to make the walks more valuable for all three of us! Thanks again Nick.
Bill, Liz and Lexi
We had an excellent training session via zoom with Nick on Friday. It was really informative and helpful and we got loads of out of it. We were also pleasantly surprised by how well it worked via zoom and we’re looking forward to putting it all into practice over the coming weeks. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Nick/Puppy Stars
Recently had a 1to1 session with Nick. Worth every penny. He absolutely knows his stuff. I was very impressed and learnt loads with my lovely dog who responded really well to Nick - and the training we've done since is nothing short of brilliant. Delighted.
Nicks help with the obedience elements of Huws training have been an essential part of the success we have recently had with regard to our National Resilience Search Dog Assessment.The one to one tuition together with the training plan Nick devised have ensured we met all the criteria to pass.Elements such as the Emergency stop and 5 minute down stay (essential in our working environment to prevent Huw from injuring himself) have been made much more achievable using a progressive approach to achieve the end result.He has a natural talent and flare when working with animals and will ensure he gets the best out of both the handler and animal.I cannot recommend Nick highly enough.
Alan Still and Huw the Dog
Hi Nick, Just to let you know the credits have been building up all week and I can already see a big difference with Sidney when out walking today. He was happily walking by my side focussed on me, with only the odd tug forward to sniff the floor. This is opposed to his typical behaviour of leading out front pulling as far as he can.
Nicky and Sidney

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